18 May 2018

We were on the road delivering orders in Southland today and managed to catch a magic photo with the sun coming up.  However it wasn’t all sunshine and blue skies as Invercargill had sideways rain and was very windy.  All in all a very enjoyable day



11th December017

We are preparing for a busy week of the road this week.  We are delivering orders in Southland on Wednesday 13th December, Dunedin/Mosgiel on Thursday 14th December and Central Otago on Friday 15th December.  As well as that we are dispatching the final orders for 2017 to our North Island Customers .  We are also drawing our two win a Half Gourmet Lamb Pack winners tomorrow night which will see two lucky people having Lamb for Christmas Lunch!

We have had about 15 mls of rain today as well and the grass is growing before our eyes


30 November 2017

So excited that our first Lamb Packs of the Season are being packed now for delivering in December.  Looking forward to having some Lamb in our Freezer too.  We spent the evening taking new photo’s of all our Lamb Packs ready for our Website – the glamorous side of owning a business when we were still working at 9.30pm at night


28th November 2017

We were delivering orders in Central Otago today.  The weather was just amazing, hot and sunny and a beautiful day to be out on the road meeting our customers.

We are also very busy on the farm with weighing lambs and finishing the last of the tractor work for the Season.  There are still plenty of rocks to be picked up from the paddocks before we can finish sowing them out.  We seem to ‘grow’ lots of big rocks on this farm that need to be moved so they don’t damage the tractor implements such as the discs.


10th November 2017

Amazing day delivering meat to our customers that we couldn’t get to on Wednesday due to snow in the south. It is so rewarding to hear stories of the experiences of our beautifully grown meat from our farm. All the time and effort that goes into breeding and finishing to the very high standard and we will not lower our quality. All our decisions on farm are made for the eating experience of our customers. Nothing less.



24th October 2017

We have had a busy weekend tailing all the Lambs on the farm.  It’s a very big job and one we are pleased to see finished as usually we are blown away by the winds we get here in October, rained on or sunburnt or as often happens, all 4 Seasons in one Day.

We are delivering meat orders in Southland this Friday 27th October.  We have opened pre-orders for our Lamb Packs on our Website.  These will be available from December.  We have received a large number of orders already as demand is high for our Award Winning Lamb.









11th October 2017

In 2007 we made the pioneering move to sell our Beef and Lamb direct to the NZ Public.  We are really proud that after 10 years we are growing Award winning Lamb and Beef and connecting with and meeting our customers.   We find it incredibly exciting and rewarding to have a day away from the farm delivering our meat direct to our customers in our Free Delivery Area’s.  If you don’t live in our Free Delivery area’s (Southland, Central Otago, Dunedin or Mosgiel) just contact us and we can discuss freight options

Today we are in Mosgiel, Dunedin and Central Otago.  It’s a big day but we love it (and of course as a bit of treat we will be stopping off at Jimmy’s Pies in Roxburgh for lunch)!