What will the meat look like when it arrives?

This is an example of how our meat is packaged.

The meat is delivered by us to you in our refrigerated truck. All the steak cuts of meats arrive to you free flow and frozen and individually wrapped and packed for your convenience. This makes it very easy for you to select how many pieces you require for a specific meal, whether you need one for yourself or 6 for the family. All Roasts and Silverside are medium in size and are packaged in sealed and labelled bags.

All the meat is packaged in cardboard boxes similar in size to a standard filing box therefore making it easy to fit in a freezer and access at a future date.

How long will it take for the meat to arrive and who delivers it?

When you contact us to place your order we will be able to advise the dates that we are next delivering meat orders in your area in our Chiller Truck. We personally deliver your meat order in our Free Delivery Area’s.

How many boxes do I get?

We have different sized options available such as Quarter, Half and Whole bodies for the Prime Angus Beef. You can order the option best suitable for your freezer space.  


  • Quarter Traditional/Steak & Grill Pack – approx 4-5 boxes (2 large, 3 small).
  • ( Equivalent to approximately 10-12 Loaves of Bread.
  • Half Traditional/Steak & Grill Pack – approx 8-9 boxes (3 large, 6 small)
  • Whole Traditional/ – 16-18 boxes (6 large, 12 small)
  • Texel Lamb –   approx 1 large box

Do you have Gluten Free Products?

Yes, we have Gluten Free Sausages at no additional cost.

How do I order?

Simply contact us by e-mail or phone (03) 2016215 and we can confirm the exact price from what we have packaged and ready for delivery.

How do I pay?

Either by cheque on the day of delivery

Direct Credit to our account prior to Delivery. If you wish to direct credit please contact us for the account number.

Why does it cost less?

Because you are buying a Whole, Half or Quarter Beef.  Buying like this means great savings for your family.

Where Are Your Free Delivery Areas?

All of Southland

Southern Lakes Districts

Central Otago





I Live Outside Your Free Delivery Area – Can I Still Buy Meat From You?

Yes we can freight our meat to most places in NZ – just contact us and we will advise freight charges.

I Only Want Certain Cuts

That’s great however it’s not how we sell our meat.  We offer our Product in packs so you have a great variety of meat to choose from.


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