Cooking Tips

When it comes to your meal the meat on your plate is the most expensive portion, therefore you want to make the most of it by the way in which it is cooked.
There is some shrinkage when cooking meat so keep this in mind when preparing a meal.  The bigger the cut, like a roast for example, the longer it will take to cook 
Trying to find a balance – that’s the hardest part!
Cooking meat properly to everyone’s liking is a very hard concept to master and each individual will have different methods.

  Some Basic Tips

  • When cooking large cuts like roasts keep temperatures low and constant for a long period of time. But do not over-cook as shrinkage will be high and there will be far less meat.
  • Try not to boil meat as this is where meat shrinkage happens, simmering cooks meat evenly and helps retain tenderness.
  • Grilling is a quick easy cooking method for steak cuts but remember that the temperature needs to be reasonably high but not so high that it burns the outside of the meat and leaves it dry and uneven.
  • Try to only turn your steak once on each side when cooking.
  • ‘Rest’ the meat for 5 minutes before serving – it will be so tender!

The best tips of all!

  • When cooking steak cuts, try to leave the meat out for at least an hour at room temperature before you start cooking. Your steak will be easier to cook and taste even more delicious!
  • Be sure to thaw your meat thoroughly and leave it refrigerated during the day before you intend to cook it.
  •  And most of all – make the most of your meat and you’ll enjoy every last mouthful!



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