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If you’ve looked at our product list and are pretty sure you would like to try some of our delicious beef and lamb but just need the reassurance you are buying a quality product then here is some of the feedback that our customers have given us…


“The last pack was absolutely wonderful, I can honestly say it has been the best meat I have ever eaten, and my husband and son agree. I love the way you package the individual steaks, and the mince, makes life so much easier. We had eye fillet at the weekend, and it had me raving .which is very tender it did literally melt in my mouth and I was pleasantly surprised at the rolled roasts, they are even nicer than I thought they would be, I have become quite a fan of them.

I think the delivery is great.. hassle free delivery, and packed, well I cannot say  enough about the way it is packed..I love those boxes..and each steak individually wrapped, the time it saves, let alone having to make sure you have lots of plastic bags of differing sizes..and making the decisions how many pieces per bag..individual is good..if I am not feeling too good, my husband can still get himself a nice steak out..or if we have visitors just reach in and grab another piece.”

Patricia. Dunedin

“We have been fortunate enough to experience nearly all Farm Gate Meat products.   The first time we had a Hogget leg roast I said to my father – “Dad it’s like the meat used to taste when Grandma did a big roast” – he agreed. It just tastes different – like it used to 25-30 years ago!

There are a number of different things about Farm Gate Meat products that set it apart from any other meat I have bought:

  • Stewing steak – often if you buy from the supermarket you need to go through and pick out the fat, not to mention pay for it – I have never ever tasted stewed meat as tender as Farm Gates stewing steak (already cut up for you!) and there’s no extra fat to trim, it is wonderful.
  • Mince – just heavenly – again, it’s lean so you are paying for meat, not fat.  It is incredibly tender and the tubes are so handy to use, straight from frozen into the crock pot!  I never get a lump with this mince.
  • Lamb – oh my gosh, my extended family all went mad and bought some too, so tasty and tender – the price compared to supermarkets is very competitive.  The best lamb chops ever, not to mention the leg and shoulder roasts.
  • The steaks and schnitzel etc – hardly any fat!  It’s such good quality it’s very hard to ruin during cooking ha!  Such good cuts of schnitzel, not wafer thin and the sausages are divine.
  • Just simply the way the meat is cut up, packaged for ease of use (you don’t have to bag it up into portions as it is all single serve/free flow) is such a treat for us. We were used to buying big lumps on trays from the supermarket and putting into freezer bags – never again!
  • It just tastes so much better – straight from the farm, to the butcher to our freezer must be why. I love it that my food hasn’t been ‘interfered’ with in any way.

We can’t rave enough about these meat products!   Good luck to you guys – such nice people to deal with as well, with their customers best interests at heart.”
Robertsons, Invercargill

“Thanks for the great service. The meat is wonderful and we have enjoyed several delicious servings already. Also, my thanks for the way the meat is wrapped up and organised – makes for very easy management of a lot of meat! Thanks again, we’ll be ordering more when the time comes.”     
Pete – Invercargill

“I would just like to say that we are 100% pleased with our meat, truly the most tasty and most of all, tender, beef we have had for very long time. Packaging was most impressive too, so manageable regardless of the number of people at the meal.

I have been passing on information of your service to friends and work mates.

Thank you for such a great service”    
Irene & Ernie – Kingston

 “Thank you so such for our meat.  We had a wonderful family dinner last night, and the meat was very superb.” 

Carol – New Plymouth
“We had our first taste of ‘the meat’ last night and I just had to tell you – it was FANTASTIC!! Mmmmm, it was tender and tasty and yummy ….”
Shirley – Alexandra

“The Beef pack we got off you is top notch. Thank you.”
W & M, Luggate  

“Meat is fantastic, service is great, cant wait to buy another pack !”

G & R, Frankton

Hi Paul and Rachel – just a quick note to say thanks for the superb meat we have just received. Have had a topside roast and fillet steak and they were DIVINE!!!! Absolutely melt in your mouth stuff  (puts restaurants & supermarkets to shame!) and it is great that we keep on getting quality tender meat from you guys. Also the packaging and presentation is really noticeable and shows the time and attention to detail that you put in!   Will see you again when this lot runs out – which won’t take long at this rate!!!!!  
A & N, Milton


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